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5 Myths about Acne

  • Acne only happens during teenage years:  FALSE.

    • Acne happens more frequently in patients age between 13-19 year old but about 50% of them will continue to have acne into adulthood.


  • Acne happens only on the face: FALSE.

    • Acne can also appear on the chest and upper back.


  • Eating spicy food aggravates acne: FALSE.

    • There is some evidence that low glycaemic index and high fibre diet food such as vegetables and beans may reduce the number of acne lesion but it cannot be used as a monotherapy meaning by just changing your diet, your acne is not going to get away.


  • We need to squeeze out those pimples. FALSE.

    • First of all, if you use your hands to squeeze it, without cleaning it properly, bacteria can enter into the skin and cause infection. Secondly by forcing the pimples to come out without the proper technique, you may injure the deeper part of the skin and cause scarring. We have a proper technique called comedone extraction whereby we make a small incision very superficially on the white head and express out the content using a comedone extractor.


  • We should put on more moisturizer. FALSE.

    • By putting moisturizer on an oily skin, you are actually causing further blockage of the hair follicles and thus making the acne worse. Look for products that are non-comedogenic i.e won’t block the pores.



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