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Losing Weight Too Fast

Some patients willing to spend a fortune just to lose weight but in this case, the patient was worried about his significant loss of weight.

Chinese gentleman in his 50’s presented with sudden loss of weight of more than 20kg within 3 months. He was referred to us by an ENT specialist for skin rash. Patient was seen by a gastroenterologist and thorough blood test, upper and lower scope, MRI, Chest X-ray and tumour markers were unable to identify the cause of his weight loss.


Upon seeing the classical rash above, further history revealed that the patient had frequent mouth ulcers, arthritis, sensitive to light and history of depression/ anxiety.

Blood test revealed high ANA and AntidsDNA, protein in the urine.

Final Diagnosis: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, which is an autoimmune disease

We will still need to monitor the patient for possibility of malignancy in view that the patient was an elderly gentleman.



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