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Our Products

Specially Formulated Skin Care

Dr Peter Ch'ng sebo wash

Sebo Wash

Specially formulated for oily and acne skin. The cleanser helps remove oiliness and balance the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Dr Peter Ch'ng whitenol serum

Whitenol Serum

A light, hypoallergenic serum with advanced, safe whitening ingredients to remove pigmentation.

Dr Peter Ch'ng lightening cleanser

Lightening Cleanser

A non-foaming cleanser containing the gentlest cleansing agents that effectively removes excess sebum and impurities.

Dr Peter Ch'ng moisturizing gel

Lightening Moisturizer Gel

Water based hydrator – when applied, it quickly releases Arbutin, Vitamin C and water into the skin, allowing it to be fairer and hydrated.

Dr Peter Ch'ng acne lotion

Acne Lotion

A one-step toner moisturiser. Helps moisturise skin, refine pore and even
out skin tone.


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