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beyond SKIN DEEP

Think skin and the first thing that comes to mind would probably be ‘beauty’. Dermatologist Dr Peter Ch’ng begs to differ. One look at Dr Peter ...

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New Hope for People with Psoriasis

People with psoriasis know that this condition is no mere skin disease. Their skin forms red patches with thick, silvery scales, and these plaques are...

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At War with the Skin

A consultant dermatologist explains how psoriasis can affect the skin and what can be done to treat this condition. FIVE THINGS ABOUT PSORIASIS 1) Pso...

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Losing Weight Too Fast

Some patients willing to spend a fortune just to lose weight but in this case, the patient was worried about his significant loss of weight. Chinese g...

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Ringworm: Is it due to worm?

1)   What may put me at higher risk getting infected by ringworm? First of all, ringworm is not due to worm infestation. It is actually a layman ter...

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5 Myths about Acne

Acne only happens during teenage years:  FALSE. Acne happens more frequently in patients age between 13-19 year old but about 50% of them will contin...

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